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Live Action Coaching

At Team Coaching Boutique® we do not believe in a one size fits all approach. We understand that each individual and each team has different needs, motivations, and objectives. We flex our style and techniques to address the specific culture of each team.

What Team Coaching is about

  • Bringing awareness to Team Dynamics
  • Disrupting and challenging current ways of working and team interactions
  • Accountability to effectively deliver organisational strategy
  • Enabling a team to function at more than the sum of its parts
  • Development of a team’s effectiveness to becoming high performing


All through the intervention of Live Action Coaching. Live Action Coaching can support the team as a whole or as individuals within a team.

Our approach is grounded in Psychological Safety. As skilled coaches we use a combination of intuition and active listening to give the correct level of support, challenge, and intervention at each stage of the process. As we raise different levels of awareness and consciousness, it enables a team’s performance to be elevated.

Enable & Accelerate®

Team Coaching Boutique® use internationally recognised tools to support the process of Team Discovery and Diagnostic including Energy Leadership, Hogan’s High Performance Team Assessment and Belbin. The tools are used to support the coaching process and initiate an effective dialogue with team members.

As Team Coaching pushes teams out of their comfort zone, not all teams are ready to be challenged. Team Coaching Boutique® tailors an approach for each client and partners with the team for interventions such as Team Development / Team Readiness that may be initially required before engaging with Team Coaching.

Why organisations want to engage with us for Team Coaching:

  • Off-Site team facilitation days are not resulting in long term team ongoing development
  • Distrust amongst team members is negatively impacting the team’s performance
  • Differing motivations or team members is causing conflict
  • Performance of the team is less than or equal to the sum total of the team members and there is no added-value
  • Better engagement with stakeholders is required to align itself to the organisational context
  • The team is not functioning as it could, and they are not communicating their issues or solving their problems

Benefits of Team Coaching

There are both soft and hard benefits for high functioning teams. The soft benefits such as improved mutual understanding, behavioural shift, role modelling, unconditional collaboration, improved energy will enable the hard benefits such as meeting commitments and hitting targets. Not only are these benefits real, they are sustainable and will drive the performance of the organisation year on year.