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A Global Footprint

Team Coaching Boutique® was founded from a passion and belief that through greater awareness and consciousness, teams could be empowered to an elevated level of performance.

Through Team Coaching Boutique® and previous assignments, we have a global footprint when working with organisations and leadership teams.

  • UK
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Indonesia
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Bulgaria
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • France
  • USA
  • Austria
  • Jordan
  • New Zealand

Enable & Accelerate®

Team Coaching Practitioners

Our panel of Team Coaching practitioners come with a blend of experience in Corporate Consulting, multi-national PLCs, Leadership Coaching and Team Coaching


John Cockburn-Evans PCC - Founder


The organisation has considerable experience in manufacturing operations and engineering with large corporates such as BASF, Total and DuPont. John has coached at C-Level and supported senior leadership teams in UK, Europe and Russia in a global consulting business and latterly in Russia and Middle East through his own company.

In addition to his coaching work where he works with individuals / teams in a way that gets them working together by strengthening mindsets, he has a strong background in process improvement and productivity. John is a Fellow of the I.Chem.E. and Member of the ICF PCC Level

Sehaam Cyrene PCC - Principal


Sehaam Cyrene is a strategically minded coach with a passion for relationships and confidence building. She is a firm believer that by instilling confidence, leaders will always show up at their best.  With her direct and inquisitive style of coaching, and a reputation for healthy sparring, she believes this is the key to her clients achieving their goals.

Sehaam is a comfortable operator across multiple sectors including technology consultancy firms, healthcare, media and publishing, facilities and real estate, sport, social enterprises, tech start-ups and scale-ups, fintech, AI, and corporate governance. She has supported teams in almost every business function - from finance, human resources, and support technology through to sales, marketing, customer services, product design, technical development, and operations.

Her multi-sector experience, always with an eye on delivering operational efficiency and risk management, she has partnered with clients globally. A regular speaker to digital communities, leaders, board directors, and teams to be unstoppable. Sehaam  hosts her own podcast series “Better Conversations with Sehaam Cyrene” where she delves a little deeper with her guests on conversations, and the impact they had on their journey.

Always with an eye on delivering operational efficiency and risk management, Sehaam has partnered with clients across the globe: UK, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Jordan, USA (New York, Boston, Chicago), India, and New Zealand.

Elena Hinova - Senior Associate


Elena is an Executive Leadership Coach and Senior Business Consultant. Elena’s purpose is to inspire senior leaders, teams and organisations to thrive. She believes that organisational transformation to thriving is a result of a wholehearted commitment to the inner work of C-Level and Senior leaders and alignment of people around shared purpose, values and strategy.

Elena has experience in transforming and building organisations in healthcare, pharma & chemical industries in Eastern, Western Europe and UK. Elena has coached one on one and teams within Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Consultancy, Construction & Building, IT, Logistics, Chemical industries.

Elena also helps in building the future generation of leaders by mentoring and teaching Masters and Undergraduate students within the University Leadership Programs in both the UK & Bulgaria

Deborah Russell PCC - Senior Associate


Deborah is an Executive Coach whose purpose has evolved from years of Corporate Management Training for Senior Leaders in the Hotel business. She has delivered successful Learning and Development programmes internationally. This experience has been the vehicle for her coaching of today’s teams and individual Leaders, where difficult relationships have become the important challenge.

Deborah has delivered Team Coaching within French Banking organisations where she challenges typical in-company issues, such as in inter departmental communication and relations between varied nationalities and cultures. Her compassion for Leaders with linguistic barriers in communication, has also led to coaching work with respect to breaking blocks in personal expression.

Today Deborah’s coaching extends to Leaders of United Nations organisations in Paris, France. Moreover, Deborah is passionate about championing individuals to have greater impact in their respective organisations. Deborah is also licenced to deliver both the ELI and MBTI.


“John is able to energise the team through his use of self, enabling them to come up with their own solutions. John is spot on with his style and questioning in a way that provides the correct balance between challenge and support. This approach has helped us work better as a team and deliver results” - MD, Manufacturing

“Deborah is a highly qualified professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her talented approach. As a Coach and Linguist she brings personal added value in each session. Her very structured method and her multiple skills allow outstanding and rapid progress." - HR Business Partner

“Elena has been providing support to our company during the last year with a focus on organisational culture, team building, change management and coaching. Her practical expertise is ideally complemented with a thorough understanding of best practice and she is well read within the academic literature/though leaders. Her expertise in the life science industry has been invaluable in helping our business focus on critical issues and wider dynamics that are specific for our industry. " - Managing Director

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