Coaching For Cultural Transformation

“John has cracked the code of successful cultural transformation. His book is a primer that lays out the most business effective roadmap to guide sustainable change.”―James B. Porter, Jr., Former Vice President, E. I. DuPont and Company



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Building the Foundations and Leaving Space for Effective Vulnerability

There is never a shortage of learning models about Leadership, but in current times things are slightly different; we rarely get to see our teams in person and the human side of management is stretched to its virtual limitations.

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The Importance of Team Energy

It is considered that a team can be defined not just by its competence leading to its overall performance, but by its energy, passion, engagement, and curiosity.  All these factors are essential for a team to perform.  If we look at curiosity, that can be both individual and collective, although the latter can be difficult to define. To an extent collective curiosity can be defined by the culture that surrounds the team and is embedded within it. Levels of engagement can show up within the team and in the way that the team interacts with other teams or staff members.

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The Inconvenient Truth

The quote goes ‘and the truth shall set you free’ but it omits one intertwined crucial element and that is the other ‘T-word’ Trust.

If we recall what some of the key attributes of a team are,

  • Having a Common Purpose
  • Accountability for individual and each other’s goals and behaviours
  • Collective responsibility
  • A commitment to each other’s development

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Hidden Hostility in Teams

Regularly, we start from the assumption that Teams are formed in a way that they will be harmonious throughout their tenure, but often this is not the case. Teams can start well with an air of civility, but tensions can lie below the surface. It is critical that these tensions or hidden stresses are surfaced at the start. If not, these will be left to fester and will ultimately cause dysfunctionality in the team, thus reducing their effectiveness.

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The Illusion of Teams

The Illusion of Teams

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare” Patrick Lencioni, 2002

To many working in and leading teams, the notion that teamwork could be considered ‘rare’ may be met with some doubtful questioning. However, to understand whether this statement has truth, we must explore several questions

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